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The most amazing experiences often grow from humble beginnings. When life brings us challenges we must debrief, unwind, and most often get out of our own heads to see things clearer. My girlfriends and I have a code. When the call comes in and the question is asked; “What’s up love, how is your day coming?” and the answer is a pause and a troubled breath. The code is clear. “Ok, what kinds of drinks do we need? Where and what time are we meeting?”No, our code is not uncommon for women or men. The conceptualization of Cocktails & Wisdom rose from this universal code. Cocktails & Wisdom, Inc. is a premier quality lifestyle development company. 


We offer:

- Individual life coaching sessions

- Girlfriend group debriefing and rebuilding sessions

- Life and business motivational events and conferences

- Marriage communication improvement sessions

- Sexual Health communication classes

- Relationship building sessions

- Educational presentations

- Events focusing on healthy lifestyle choices, food and nutrition, and mental and physical health.










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