The first installment of “Cocktails and Wisdom” was based on Nyrobi’s first book project:


Cocktails and Wisdom: Session 1: “Nyrobi’s Nine! 9 Seeds to the Success of Love Relationships.” These 9 Seeds are offered as a practical guide to explore and cultivate the dynamics of healthy relationships. These seeds are simply planted with the hopes that you learn to cultivate the garden of your life, no matter what soil you choose. It is my hope that you tend to these seeds, bury them deep in your soul, water them, give them proper sunlight, watch them grow, prune them when necessary and be clear when you have planted them in infertile ground.


9 Seeds to the Success of Love Relationships was the first session in the Cocktails & Wisdom series. Fifteen amazing, diverse women gathered in a space as a focus group to witness, support and offer feedback on the finished product of this work. This gathering, as with the others to follow in this series, featured an amazing cocktail: Dr. E’s Ginger Elixir. (It’s like a ginger martini and delicious heaven combined in a glass!)  Why ginger, you ask? From menstrual cramp relief, to being a powerful weapon in the treatment of ovarian cancer, ginger has wonderful and fantastic ecological properties for the vagina and health in general.


1 part Domaine De Canton French Ginger Liqueur

1 part Premium Agave Silver Tequila

                            (I prefer Don Julio or 1800)

1 part Fresh Pineapple juice

1 shot of Fresh Lime juice

Shaken, not stirred. Served over ice - in a cute glass.


Cocktails and Wisdom Upcoming Series Topics:




The 2nd installment of  “Cocktails and Wisdom” is a controversial book for younger moms entitled: A Teenage Mom’s guide to Parenting: the urban rulebook that SHOULD have come with your baby…. When girls are young we try our best to teach them so many lessons. Chief among these are “Don’t give away the goodies too soon” and “By all means, don’t get caught with a baby in your stomach!” However after they do get “caught” and become teen moms, we leave them to fend for themselves as if they have gained some intrinsic knowledge about parenting and being a mother by very virtue of becoming a parent. A Teenage Mom’s guide to Parenting: the urban rulebook that SHOULD have come with your baby…. is for those young moms we leave behind. Here are a few basic tips that an experienced mom should have cared enough to tell you…  


The 3rd installment of  “Cocktails and Wisdom” is a racy new collection of relationship short stories entitled,  “The Nasty Bitch Memoirs: Confessions of a Sexual Health Educator”.  BITCH is a harsh sounding word. A word that polite society frowns upon. A word that if spoken to the wrong person can easily offend. From its original context to the reclamation and redefinition of it’s meaning, BITCH is a power word, evident in its ability to give pause or force reaction. I accept that at any given moment, I may have been every kind of bitch under the sun. However, there is one type of bitch that constantly follows my profession that I do not accept. That is the assumption of the “nasty” bitch. Something “nasty” is defined as unclean and disgusting. Sex and sexuality is my passion, health is my life. There is nothing nasty or unclean about that. Throughout this profession I have had many adventures, seen lots of things and done even more. People have sat in front of me and shared their innermost secrets. My memory is long, very long…  

Other “Cocktails and Wisdom” topics include:

  • 9 Seeds to the Success of Business Relationships

  • 9 Seeds to the Success of Parental Relationships

  • 9 Seeds to the Success of Lasting Friendships

  • The Teenage Dad’s Guide to Parenting

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